Forget about Herbie, Kitt and the De Lorean.

We are on the data highway to hell: Our Ost-Porsche is speeding around the Baltic Sea packed full of sensors and with 52 raging horses under the hood. Whatever happens to our ŠKODA 110 R on the analogue and dusty road is digitally broadcasted to the internet. So, fasten your seatbelts and follow our Connected Car on the Baltic Sea Circle Rally: Track the Track.

Will We Make It?

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Here it is, the Connected Car: Track the track.

Just click on the red icons, scroll down and see what happened where.

Fresh data from the dusty road.

Proudly presented by a lot of tiny but very powerful sensors that beam all current conditions directly to this place.

  • Fuel stops -

  • Top speed -

  • Oil temperature -

  • Weather

  • Roadkills -

  • Repairs -

  • Internal temperature

  • Coffee -

  • Cooling water

  • Mood -

  • Timm: -
    Markus: -

  • Network strength -

What's inside

We’ve put the future inside this legendary car. With other words: A lot of sensors and technical stuff like a raspberry pi. And some spare parts on our way to Berlin.

ŠKODA 110R 2013
  • production: 1974
  • top speed: 145 km/h
  • engine: 1107cc, OHV, four-cylinder
  • power: 52 bhp (39 kW) / 4650 rpm
  • kerb weight: 835 kg
  • transmission: 5-speed manual
  • average consumption: 6,16l / 100km

Who's inside

It’s us. Four daredevils, that love cars, camping and bloodthirsty mosquitos.

  • Timm

    Timm Hanebeck

    Moped License
    since 1983
    Driving License
    1+3 since 1986
    First Moped
    Kreidler Florett
    First Car
    NSU Prinz
    First Rallye Experience
    Paper Chase (Scouts VCP)
  • Markus

    Markus von Schönermark

    Bike License
    First Scooter
    Zündapp R 50
    First Car
    Ford Zephyr
    First Rallye Experience
    Hamburg-London 1988
    "Was man gut kennt, kann man nicht lieben."
  • Alex

    Alexander Stielau

    Boat License
    since 1977
    Driving License
    1 + 3 seit 1989
    First Boat
    First Car
    Citroen 2CV4
    First Rallye Experience
    Rallye? Which Rallye?
  • Kristina

    Kristina Böcker

    Basic Rider Award
    Since 1989
    Driving License
    3 since 1998
    First Pony
    "Nesso", an overweight Fjordhorse
    First Car
    Smart Fortwo
    First Rallye Experience
    City Rallye (Primary School)

Stories from the road.

Share adventures. They’ll get better everytime you do. So, this is our secret diary. Read more about our troubles on the road on tumblr. Uncensored, promise!

All stories in the Blog.

Petrol and bits in Blood: S4.

We like the challenge of connecting the analogue with the digital world. For our latest adventure we chose a rally: The most analogue in the world, the Baltic Sea Circle. That means 7500 kilometers around the Baltic Sea – no GPS, no motorways. The racing car we selected for this adventure has been a legend since the 70’s: the ŠKODA 110R.

Our idea: Track the Track. We connect the ŠKODA car with the digital world. All data measured are transmitted to the Internet, which makes the most analogue of rallies the most digital one in the world. This way, everybody can follow and experience the journey and adventure of our racing car and see how long our Classic Connected Car from the year 1974 can keep going.

Every Rally Team needs a name: We are the SinnerSchraderŠKODASquad. In short: S4. And who is behind it all? SinnerSchrader, one of the leading digital agencies in Europe, and Haasenstein, the creative affiliate agency for 360° brand communication. We are more than 400 creative heads and technology experts. Our aim is to connect the analogue with the digital world. No matter how crazy or innovative the ideas are – together, we make it happen digitally.

So, follow our Connected Car at the crazy Race around the Baltic Sea: Track the Track.

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